LIFE DOCUMENTED is a pocket-page memory-keeping album system of preserving photos and memorabilia inspired by scrapbooking guru Becky Higgins ( Our modern day lifestyle with all the influences of social media, has definitely affected the way we do things and finding the time to sit down and create traditional scrapbooks isn’t as easy as it used to be. Plus, all the detailed cutting and sticking process doesn’t appeal to everyone! However, we are all documenting our everyday lives by taking random photos on our cellphones, mostly because they’re always on hand.

Be honest …. how many photos do you currently have sitting on your computer, camera or phone? How many have you already lost from a computer crash or from a cellphone being stolen. You might say, well I’m diligent and I back up all my photos on CD – yes, that’s great as a backup, but who is looking at them? Nothing beats flipping through pages in an album to bring those memories flooding back!

LIFE DOCUMENTED is as simple as printing out your photos, writing about them onto journal cards and placing them into your pocket sleeves!

Why will LIFE DOCUMENTED work for me?

  • this concept uses “pocket pages” into which you insert your photos, journal cards and memorabilia which are then placed in a ring binder photo album
  • everything you need will come in a kit form which will be on sale monthly, without a subscription, via our website ( – look for the LIFE DOCUMENTED logo
  • there is a beginning and an end to each album (January – December is what we’ll be doing to start – i.e. keeping it simple) But the choice is yours! If you are a seasoned scrapbooker, the pocket pages can be combined with your traditional layouts
  • you can journal something immediately, either on a journal card insert or on a cellphone app so that you don’t have to strain your brain at a later stage trying to think back and remember details
  • you will not be overwhelmed by all the scrapbooking stuff out there and spend hours trying to find the perfect embellishment
  • it’s not nearly as expensive or time consuming
  • you are able to include all those random everyday photos on your cellphone that you wouldn’t normally have included on a traditional layout, but you keep them because they’re meaningful
  • you will have a home for all your ‘memory pack-rat’ things like receipts, children’s artwork, ticket stubbs  etc.
  • and a home for all those “can’t  possibly throw away” little things the kiddos bring home from school and that usually accumulate on a shelf or in a drawer

How does LIFE DOCUMENTED work?

  • LIFE DOCUMENTED will run alongside, but separately from, SCRAPKITS
  • Keep up to date with new releases by liking our facebook page
  • Kit prices will range from R99 to R150 depending on content and can be ordered monthly on our website on a first come, first served basis
  • The pocket sleeves and albums are sold separately and will also be available for purchase on our website

How To Start a Life Documented Album?

  • Our blog will provide information and ideas from various sources on how to put the pages together
  • There will also be tips and tutorials and lots of pictures to get you going – and keep you going!