Well the beauty about doing your album with us, is the fact that we’ve done some of the homework for you already to help you get started. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to do this for a year, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to tackle this project but deep down knew that this was totally doable for me. A lot of the American blogs show ladies doing ‘a week in the life’ and I thought, seriously my life isn’t that interesting, so I decided to tackle a month in the life of The Schimper family. But essentially you can document as you please, these are your photos, your memories and there are NO RULES!

I started my album with January, and in my head decided I would allocate 2 pages to each month, but now that I’m onto March, I can see it was a busy month and it’s going to need an additional page. Also our cat had kittens in February and seriously how can you just include a couple of photos, so I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate an entire page (or 2) when I’ve got more photos of them to document their growth over the weeks. So you’ll see that this is a process and I’m still learning as i go.

What I suggest you do before you get started printing photos, is get yourself organised!
Start a Life Documented file for yourself (A5 or A4) Add monthly dividers and create a pocket (envelope/plastic sleeve) something that you can add photos, kids artwork and general stuff into for each month. The reason for this, is that when you have that movie ticket or drawing in your hand, your file is the first thing that you reach for so that in can immediately be added to the relevant month, instead of shoving it into a junk drawer (we all have one!) or magnetising to your fridge 🙂
I’ve created a printable template for you to use, which you can download below, just click on the name in green. Print out a number of copies, whichever style is relevant to what you’ve purchased and add these to your file.

I’ve played with a number of Apps on my iPhone to try and find the ones that I prefer to work with and over the next couple of blog posts I’ll share more info with you on how I use them. Because I’m afraid I’m clueless on Android, Venessa Matthews who will also be contributing will be sharing the Google Play Store app equivalents she’s found.

For those who do have an iPhone (or iPad for that matter) and are keen to have a look at the apps I use they are:

1. Diptic – this is for creating photo collages (easily create 2up and 4up images)
2. PicTapGo – this is for colour editing
3. Momento – diary / journal (this is my go to place to help me remember without having to rack my brains – AWESOME!!)

Now that you have your file ready, take out one of your template print outs. Below you’ll see how I’ve used mine which should give you an idea of how to start.


I LOVE Momento, it updates all social media feeds to your calender and you can add a photo and a comment at any time to any date.
What is fantastic is that you can sit and edit your photos on your phone and then add them into Momento and it will automatically time and date stamp them onto your calender.

So in order to get started, I added all the photos from my phone that I wanted to include on my pages into Momento and then I just needed to go through Momento and write all those dates onto my template print out. By doing this I was able to see which photos I wanted to include as jumbos and which could be printed smaller and I sat and sketched it out on my printout. Once I was happy with the sizes on my sketch, I then edited them in Diptic according to the sizes I needed, emailed the images to my computer and then copied onto a USB flash stick and took them to my photolab.

This is a VERY brief overview, so for those of you that are techno savy, you can get going straight away. I will be doing a more detailed post on each app over the next couple of days so that you can follow the process step by step. For those who have received their first LIFE DOCUMENTED kit and want to get cracking, below are the images of what I’ve done so far with the first kit, as well as a bit from our upcoming love kit for my January and February pages.
Remember that you can always include additional cardstock and patterned paper if you’d like.

January 2015

January 2015

February 2015

February 2015

I’ve loved the process so much, that I’ve starting working backwards and have already edited all my December photos. The fact that everything is on my phone, makes it easy to go back in time!


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    1. tracyschimper

      It really has been a fun way to kick start my year, it’s a learning process but I’m amazed at how quickly you can get going!

  1. Frances

    Hi there ladies! I have found that on my Samsung an app called PhotoGrid is awesome for photo editing and collages too.

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