I’ve been doing it wrong


So it’s confession time…. I’ve been doing it wrong…

Even though at the beginning of our Life Documented journey we agreed that there would be no rules, and even though I thought Tracy and Venessa were crazy when they suggested I should be planning better (I’m a adhoc type of chick!), and even though I’m still perfectly happy with my pages to date, I still think I’ve been doing it wrong.

Here’s the deal… When I started, I wanted a place / way to store all my super cute photos of my kids (we all have those right) and so I thought Life Documented would be perfect… I was wrong.. Life Documented is SO much more.

Life Documented gives you the opportunity to do exactly what it says it does… To document life… The nitty gritty, the things you want to remember for ever… The things you think you’ll always remember but you won’t. it’s not just the highlights, but the real stuff in between the highlights that makes it real.

It’s not about the cute ‘Facebook’ photos that we all kind of wish made up our ‘real life’… it’s about life… real life… it’s about those days that all that gets you through is the glass of wine that’s waiting for you at the end of it all, the life where your house looks like a tip with toys and clothes and kids stuff everywhere, where the kids are so dirty they need two baths. It’s about documenting what a ‘normal’ day looks like – the one with all the bells and whistles and dramas, snot, the potty training that goes well, and perhaps the potty training that doesn’t go that well…

It’s about what the movie tickets look like, it’s about how much the grocery bill is for the week, the songs that your kids are singing, the books that you’re reading, the movies you watched. It’s the restuarant slip that you or your kids will look back at in 20 years time and say ‘can you believe we paid only R327 rand for a meal out’.

I saw something the other day that said – ‘The days are long, but the years are short’…. it’s true… the days can be long, but seriously, I know I’m going to look back at this time in my life and wish for the days my kids were 5 and 2 and half… I know we will all be able to look through our Life Documented albums and remember the good, the bad and the ugly and laugh, cry, remember and hold on tight to these special days…

Oh – so the point of my post….. download those planners that Tracy spoke about in an earlier blog post. They let you keep track of what’s happening throughout the month – it’s too easy to forget about the ‘mundane’ day to day stuff, but it’s the mundane stuff that makes up our real life that we hopefully all love so much x

keeping it real

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