Here’s my process for keeping it quick, simple and awesome!

So what I love most about Life Documented is how quick and easy the process can be.

Here’s the process I generally follow:

  • Go through your photos for the month / fortnight and email them off to FotoFirst. (I do this while waiting for kids, 10 minutes before bed etc.)
  • Collect when shopping. Easy, tick.
  • You can use a number of apps on your phone to size them differently and add filters, text etc… but this isn’t critical to your albums looking amazing.
  • Having a cutting board, blade and double sided tape is kind of important, but I guess you could do it with scissors… You need double sided tape, but everyone’s got double sided tape don’t they… kind of like a glue gun. #justsaying




Next you need your sleeves. The sleeves are part of what makes this all so easy! Just slip the cards and photos in to create your end product. Here’s me at the beginning of the sleeve!

photo 4


And then… here’s my favourite part in the process – choosing which cards to use to co-ordinate with my photos. There is so much of prettiness to choose from, it kind of gives me butterflies sometimes 🙂



Then for some journaling. I’m not great at this, but when I look back in years to come I know that this will be one of the favourite parts so I do try and be quite disciplined and making sure I do note some ‘things’ down. Be it what the kids have said, what we did, what the occasion is, something that someone did that I don’t want to forget about… you get the picture. (I use an app called Notabli on my phone to keep track of a lot of my thoughts, things the kids say through the weeks).



Then you put it all together

photo 5


And that’s that…. the memories you’ve captured are priceless for years and years to come. My kids already love pouring over my album, I can’t just imagine when they’re teenagers the special times we’ll have reminiscing through the memories.


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