Anyone can be a LIFE DOCUMENTeer!

HOW EXCITING! Life Documented has me completely excited again to cut paper, apply embellishments and record memories. My name is Venessa Matthews…. An “ex” scrapbooker with three far too fast growing kids, a beloved Boston Terrier addition to the family and of course my beloved “adult child” husband. I am more than delighted to join Tracy and Jude on this exciting venture… It has been a long time since I created a traditional scrapbook layout. Not because I don’t love it any longer, not at all. I guess family and a new business absorbed my focus. And a lack of dedicated SPACE for scrapbooking, furthermore forced me to pack away my supplies making it a real mission to get going again. Well THANK YOU Scrapkits for getting me dreaming and longing to create again.



The beauty of getting a kit like LIFE DOCUMENTED is that I can keep it simple and small using only my small home office desk space (NO, it hardly ever looks like this….)


I have even found myself escaping the family and sitting on bed document….



January 2015

The concept took me a little time to convert my “old way” scrapbooking techniques until I realized that HEY, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SCRAPBOOKER to record like this. Life Documented is certainly for everyone, crafty or not. The beauty is that as a whole, your layout will be filled with colour, doodles, journaling, embellishments and photos from so many different occasions that the hours I would have spent matching paper and products to photos IS NO LONGER ! It took a while to free up and let go my “tight” approach and loosen up a little. Let my hair down as such. But now that I have, I find myself making time in my day to LIFE DOCUMENT.



Will also be a monthly project like Tracy has undertaken; to record a monthly double page. But who knows how I will develop in months to come because you can do just that… extend, shorten, basically there is no RULES at all! I am no expert on phones, apps and blah blah blah. Yes that is what I call it, blah blah blah. You know those techno people that blabber away about this app and that… well that is the blah blah blah. No time in my busy life to learn all that AND I am still a long way off with my dismal Blackberry phone. Having an ANDROID phone, I researched apps available in the Google Play Store and will be using LIPIX, a free download…  (the name has just recently changed from Instaframe to Lipix) you can find LIPIX over HERE mzl_cgrozdpo



Now although there are MANY apps out there to collage with, you will need to find an APP that will allow your basic photo dimension in order to print. The APPS seem to represent this as a 3:2 format which basically means that the shape of your background will allow to fit a Jumbo photograph i.e. 6 x 4 inch photo.



Well this was my final dilemma in getting going. For years I have used Photoshop to collage my images, but I wanted to speed things up and although I am limited by the choices of design each APP has, it really made sense to use something that has preset designs. BUT my greatest dilemma is that I still take alot of photos  with my DSLR camera. And so my solution was found in IPICCY. This is an online program that you do no need to download on your computer. I love that I can now edit photos and create collages using all the images on my computer. I simply email photos from all the cellphones in our household to my computer and in this way have a central collection of images when using IPICCY. Find iPICCY HERE

ipiccy 1

using iPICCY to create collages

Using ipiccy to create collages

A great way to add a lot of photos to capture an event or moment with iPICCY collage… all on one landscape jumbo photo

I cannot wait to share more with you. Don’t forget to DOCUMENT your LIFE over the coming weekend!           xx Venessa

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