5 Reasons I LOVE Life Documented

  1. A veryDon’t be part of the statistic of the most photographed generation, yet the generation with the least printed photos. You know the joy you get from going through old albums, or photo boxes from your childhood. Don’t deprive that experience from your kids… put in the time to print the photos and document these important memories we’re making now.
  2. Lucky for us, Life Documented is fun, easy, simple and quick. You don’t have to have any super hero creative powers, you just need your smart phone and your Life Document Kits. (Having some friends to do it with every so often is an extra bonus)
  3. It’s a great excuse to fit in some Mommy Me Time! A small group of us meet every second Wednesday evening and make sure we schedule time in to do our Life Documented. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to these evenings!
  4. Creativity sparks greater creativity. You’ll find yourself taking better photos, your layouts improving, your journaling being more you, and you’ll love it more and more as you go along. Being creative is good for you.
  5. Seriously for around R99 a kit – you’re not getting better value these days anywhere else…

See our Life Documented kits here www.scrapkits.co.za. (No monthly subscription).

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