Founder and graphic designer Tracy Schimper started Scrapkits in August 2006, a monthly scrapbook kit club which provided inspiration to scrapbookers across South Africa who wished to preserve their memories. During the course of 10 years, Scrapkits grew to be the largest kit company in the country sending out more than 650 layouts a month to the monthly subscribers. 

In 2016 Tracy fulfilled another passion by designing her own line of children’s clothing in 2016. Because of time restraints, Scrapkits has now become a part time business where she designs kits for resale as she has the time. Tracy is still Inspired by the everyday moments she shares with her family and friends, scrapbooking is her passion and Scrapkits her means to share it with others. 

Tracy’s motto….
“there are no limits to your creativity…just relax, play and most of all HAVE FUN!”